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Domestic Electrical Services

Do you want to replace a faulty light? Is your central heating system making strange noises? Does your home need additional sockets? At MJ Electrical Midlands LTD, we have a handpicked team of fully qualified electricians offering exceptional domestic electrical services. 


Instead of attempting electrical repairs by yourself and risking your safety, allow our skilled electricians to take over. We offer complete electrical solutions for any residential repairs or installations. Our highly knowledgeable electricians strive to resolve any electrical problems as soon as possible. We offer an extensive range of domestic electrical services at transparent pricing without any hidden charges.


With extensive experience, our electricians know how to quickly identify the source of a problem and rectify it quickly and safely. From fixing loose connections to rewiring, we do it all. We strive to carry out electrical repairs and installations in a hassle-free manner. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements.


Good lighting is essential for a comfortable and functional home. Whether you are planning to install new lighting fixtures or your existing lighting is giving you trouble, let us help you. We can easily identify any issues with lighting and provide prompt repairs. Our experts are also happy to recommend suitable lighting layouts and fixtures based on your requirements.



An unexpected breakdown of your central heating system in the dead of winter can be disastrous. Whether your heating system is not working properly or you’ve noticed a sudden spike in energy bills, allow us to take a look. Our experts can quickly find the issue and offer necessary repairs. We can also help with new installations.




Are you planning a home extension? Allow MJ Electrical Midlands LTD to handle your extension power and lighting requirements. From installing light fixtures to TV points, we’ll ensure your extension is well equipped with all your electrical requirements. We are happy to personalise our services to meet your specific needs.


Do you require flood lighting for your outdoor area? Our skilled electricians specialise in installing floor lighting for various applications. We use expert techniques and the latest tools to ensure efficiency and safety at every step of the way. We also comply with all the necessary regulations.


Constructing a home from the ground up can be quite challenging. That’s why it’s necessary to partner with experienced and skilled professionals to ensure speedy and high-quality work. Let MJ Electrical Midlands LTD take care of your electrical requirements. We are qualified experts for complete home wiring.



Do you suspect faulty wiring or any other defective electrical element in your home? MJ Electrical Midlands LTD conducts professional and reliable testing to identify any electrical problems. Our electricians carry out our prompt assessments. Get in touch with us today to discuss the problem.


You may have to use extension cords if your home has a limited number of sockets, which can be annoying. Allow us to resolve this inconvenience for you. Our reliable and friendly technicians can install additional sockets. Have you noticed sparking or discoloured sockets? We also offer repairs and replacements for faulty sockets.

From flickering lights to frequently blown fuses, several signs indicate outdated and defective wiring. Let us inspect your wiring and detect the problem. We are highly experienced electricians for domestic rewiring in Swadlincote. We specialise in partial and full rewiring for all kinds of homes, from flats to bungalows.

If your bathroom has excessive condensation and moisture, it’s time to install an extractor fan. MJ Electrical Midlands LTD is your trusted expert for extractor fan installation. We offer efficient installation services at competitive prices throughout Swadlincote.

Our technicians have the necessary expertise to supply power to your shed or outhouse. We have in-depth knowledge of everything required for shed and outhouse power. Additionally, we can also upgrade or install lighting. We are happy to provide you with tailored electrical services to meet your specific requirements. Contact us today to get started.

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